The picture was taken very early in the morning on the way to my customer in Luxembourg. It was one of the first real foggy mornings in November. 

I thought in the first moment this would be a great picture for "Creamy Color" because the tired morning mood and the fog still fit the dull colors and the enhanced tone curves. 


However, I quickly saw that with the strong warm white balance of (K8700) the headlights of the coming vehicles no longer stand out well from the overall scene. 


A short change to my small compact Fuji XF 23mm f2 and the FLD filter on my Fuji X-E4 I had with "50s DINER" the perfect for me color balance of the individual light elements in conjunction with this blue-gray morning mood. 

Through the FLD filter, the fog gets a slightly stronger blue-purple touch which I find but druch the contrasting colors of the spotlights very good. Often it is for me the color balance that makes an image special for me.